Thursday, June 7, 2018

Eating Pizza and Helping Kids. Still a Great Combo!

She’s doing it again! As I’m sure you noticed in Sabrina Ponte’s visit with Section 36, she is passionate about helping others. It was one of the things that drew her to the Miss America Organization.
With that in mind, just a couple weeks ago she hosted a fundraiser to benefit the Children’s Miracle Network, the official charity of the Miss America Organization.

Well, she’s doing it again! 


This time, her event will take place at Blaze Pizza at One Canal Park in Cambridge from 12-9:00 PM.. All you have to do is go there to eat, and present this flyer prior to ordering. You can even show it on your phone! If you do that, 20% of the proceeds from your meal will be donated to the Children’s Miracle Network!

It can’t be much easier than that. You were going to eat tomorrow anyway, right? Probably a couple times at least. Why not do it at a place where you can help others at the same time? 

So head down, and order some great pizza. Lots and lots of great pizza! 

Oh, and if you happen to bump into Sabrina, be sure to tell her how much you enjoyed her visit with Section 36!

And maybe buy her a pizza…after presenting your flyer!

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