Sunday, July 1, 2018

Miss Nevada Crowned Tonight!

Tonight one of the amazing young women competing for the Miss Nevada crown will find out that they will be traveling across the country to represent their state at Miss America!

As has often been the case, one of those incredible young women has previously visited with Section 36.

Yup, even in Nevada.

Tonight, our most recent visitor, Macie Tuell, will try to take one step closer to the job of a lifetime.

Miss Lake Tahoe 2018

Macie is assured of having one special honor. As you may have heard, Miss America has eliminated the swimsuit portion of the competition. This round of state pageants will be the last times that portion will occur. Nevada happens to be the last state pageant, and Macie happens to be the final competitor. So, Macie will be the last person to wear a bikini in a MAO competition. It least it will be going out in style!

Good Luck Macie!

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