Wednesday, August 15, 2018

It's a Sale Start!

Summer is winding down! You're tired of wearing the same old thing when you're working out, or going to the beach, or running to the store. You need a new wardrobe!

Lucky for you, the Section 36 store can help you! As it happens, the store is in the midst of a sale! You can take advantage of the opportunity to stock up on wonderful gear you can wear all summer long!

It has gear to meet all your needs. Frankly, I'm flattered by how popular this store has been with the titleholders that have visited with Section 36. 

So, head over right now and select something that you like. But, don't delay. The sale only runs through Sunday! That's right only a few days before prices go back to their regular levels.

And, as always, when you do get an item, send me a picture wearing it for me to share with the world! The blogFacebook, and even Instagram!

Like Kylee did to show off her amazing new tank top.

This tank is 27% off!

Or like Erin did with her tank!

It's still 27% off!
(Yeah, that tank top is my best seller!)

Or Nicolette, who went with a great t-shirt!

This t-shirt is 30% off!

But, first you need to buy something you like. There's a lot to choose from.

What will you get?

The available style and color combinations are practically endless!

Which is your favorite?

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