Friday, September 21, 2018

National Concussion Awareness Day

I’m sure you’ve all read the wonderful interview Section 36 had with Miss Winnipesaukee Brooke Mills. So you’ll remember that as a result of her personal struggles with concussions, she created her platform “Lessen the Impact”.

Her goal is to increase awareness of concussions, and their effect on everyone. As part of that, she founded National Concussion Awareness Day to promote that message. That’s today!

I would implore you to take this opportunity to learn more about concussions, and their impact. You could start by rereading Brooke’s Section 36 interview of course. But you should definitely read some of the important information on the Lessen the Impact website and Brooke's Facebook page. If you are suffering from effects of a concussion, know someone who is, or just want to learn more about it there’s a wealth of information there for you.

If you’ve suffered a concussion yourself, today is the perfect day to share your story with someone else. Tell a friend what happened. Leave a comment on this blog post. Leave your story on Brooke's Facebook page, or shout the story out on your own social media platforms (just be sure to use the #nationalconcussionawarenessday hashtag). The more people who openly talk about something, the less mysterious it becomes and the better off everyone is.

I definitely want to thank Brooke for founding this day. As she said in her interview, “By having a knowledgeable society on concussions including the signs and symptoms, healing processes, importance of rest, returning to play and learn guidelines, and taking the concussion seriously, we would be able to greatly help those suffering and prevent future injuries.” I couldn’t have said it any better.

So check out those websites. Share your stories. Spread the word.

It’s the day for it!

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