Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Oh What a Night!

One of the best parts about interviewing so many titleholders who visit Section 36 is what happens after. It’s so wonderful to watch these amazing young women go on to accomplish so much after their visits. Whether it’s advancing to another level within the Miss America organization, or advancing in their post pageant careers. I always get a flutter of excitement to see them doing so well.

Which happened to a degree Sunday night never before reached.

Thanks to Alexandra Coppa for sending along the pic!

On Sunday, a fantastic five forever visitors took the stage at Miss America. Miss New Hampshire Marissa Moorhouse, Miss Massachusetts Gabriela Taveras, Miss Vermont Julia Crane, Miss Connecticut Bridget Oei, and Miss Rhode Island Alexandra Coppa. If that’s not a record, it certainly could be. It was such an amazing feeling watching each of them walk out on stage. I can’t imagine what it feels like for people who actually know them well. But it was such an honor to be able to think “I interviewed her!” each time one of them came out on stage to introduce themselves. It’s what makes all the interviews even more fun.

Of course, if this year might be a record as far as sheer quantity of visitors appearing on stage, it was definitely a record as far as advancement!

Prior to this year, the highest finisher to ever visit Section 36 was also my very first visitor. Lauren Kuhn made it to the top five at Miss America prior to visiting with Section 36. The best showing by a titleholder after visiting was Alissa Musto. After visiting Section 36 as Miss Cambridge, she went on to win Miss Massachusetts and then finish in the top fifteen at Miss America. So, I would definitely like to mention two amazing women who raised that bar even higher.

Gabriela Taveras is my most recent visitor, and she was able to make it to the top five on Sunday night! Bridget Oei also made it to the top five, and eventually made it all the way to first runner up to Miss America! It was so exciting! As nervous as I was for them, I can't imagine what must have been going through their mind standing up on that stage. The best part was getting to see those two compete in all the phases of the competition, and follow along with their night.

So I want to offer a huge congratulations to all the former visitors why graced the Miss America stage. They definitely made us proud!

I'm flattered that they all visited.

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