Sunday, September 30, 2018

What Is She Thinking?

As I mentioned before, this year's Miss America competition was a special one for Section 36! Not only were a record number of
visitors preparing to walk on stage, but an incredible two forever visitors were able to make the top five! Miss Connecticut Bridget Oei was even still standing as one of the final two, before being announced as first runner up to Miss America!

While I was watching Bridget standing there, I couldn't help but wonder "What is she thinking?". I couldn't imagine what thoughts must have been racing through her head. 

As the moment carried on, I realized that I wondered a lot of things about the entire night. And, to be honest, the entire week. What was it like just being there? Standing on stage for the first time? Performing your talent? Everything?

I also realized (assumed?) that I wasn't the only one who had these questions. Not many people have had the chance to walk around Atlantic City with that sash on their shoulder. We all have no idea.

Which is why I'm excited to say that Bridget Oei herself is going to help us all out!

I'm honored to announce that Bridget will be authoring a series of guest blogs to be posted right here on Section 36 Pageants discussing her thoughts on all sorts of her experiences at Miss America!

The first post goes live tomorrow! So, be sure to check back in to see what she has to say. And, keep checking back to hear about all of her thoughts and experiences throughout the whole series!

This is going to be fun!

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