Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Bridget Oei Talks Miss America: A Guest Series (Part 3 - The Other Titleholders)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to compete at Miss America? I know I have. Miss Connecticut Bridget Oei has graciously agreed to help us all try and figure that out. She will be writing a series of guest blogs chronicling her time at Miss America that I am honored to be able to present here. (To see all of Bridget's posts, look here.)

Today we have our third entry as Bridget shares what it was like spending time with the other titleholders in Atlantic City. I hope you enjoy it!

Miss America was an extraordinary experience for the particular reason that in two weeks, 51 strangers became 51 best friends. The bond that I and the other Miss America candidates formed were catalyzed by our commonalities as well as our differences. Which, in my opinion, make us the most dynamic and well-rounded group of women in America.

But like all strong friendships, they have to start somewhere. Strengthened by silly memories, hearty laughs, and sharing new experiences, the two weeks at Miss America provided us with just that platform to grow and learn about one another.

Prior to the start of the competition, we spent our days in New Jersey exploring and enjoying magical parts of Atlantic City. Our first night, we attended a sponsored dinner at Bocca, a family owned restaurant that truly treated us all like queens. We sat at group tables and connected over a delicious meal, sharing stories of our excitement and our trip to the Miss America competition.

Another fantastic experience was at the Linwood Country Club, where we all got a chance to try our hand at golf. Pro-golfers or
not, we all made memories as we raced in golf carts, and took videos of each other having our PGA tour moment on the course. Later that evening, we met members of the country club and local supporters of Miss America. This was one of the most memorable events for me, I spoke to a physician who had studied medicine at Yale University, and we discussed my goals to become a doctor myself. I also happened to meet a lovely couple who had been to my parents’ wedding and had come to meet me for the first time!

Of course I have to mention spending an evening at the iconic steel pier on the Atlantic City Boardwalk. This event was the last of its kind before the start of the competition. I distinctly remember the love, support, and genuine excitement that was among all of the ladies. We all relaxed together riding the swings, and breathing the salty air. I felt at home, surrounded by women that I admired and respected, and grateful to be a part of such a unique experience.

With Love,

Bridget Oei

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